Tapping to Relieve Cravings

Do you crave sugar, cookies, chocolate, chips or other foods that may not be the most nutritious or wise choices?   Me too!  I’m in the early stages of getting off sugar.  Ahhhh…   You may have noticed that it’s in everything!   I feel so much better when I don’t consume sugar.  Less joint pain, more energy, better digestion and improved sleep.   So here is a Tapping Practice to help us all relieve the cravings.   Settle yourself down.  Take a few deep cleansing breaths.  Close your eyes and check in with your body and your emotions.   What are you feeling when you crave these foods?   You may choose to tap on the cravings (symptoms), on the emotions (feelings) or even … continue reading

An EFT Success Story

Working With Imagery, Intuition & Transformation! With her permission here is what Haley shared with me: “So I actually sat down to do some tapping on my own (I’m not good at remembering to do it) because I was feeling particularly down and frustrated and wanted to share what I discovered.I was feeling extremely defeated, like I’ve had this war raging inside of me every single time I have to make a decision of whether to eat and what to eat, and I felt exhausted, like I just wanted to give up, and rather in despair about all of it. I tapped on the fear of deprivation and I got this image of a tiger guarding a cave, full of all of my indulgences, and … continue reading

How Bundling Baggage Heals the Past

  One of the first tapping techniques I learned years ago was called the Personal Peace Process. It involved making a list of all of the events, relationships and circumstances from the past that you want to heal.  Then tapping on one item each day, until you have reduced the intensity on it all. Ahhhhh… And then I learned a much quicker and more effective way to heal and release the past called Bundling Baggage. We’ll practice this in class together this week and you can practice this on your own as well. 1.  Choose the topic for your tapping session – an illness, a relationship, an event, such as an accident or a big disappointment.  You might even choose your childhood or past relationship … continue reading

Tap Into Your Healing Power

E-book now available for $4.99 on Amazon https://www.amazon.com Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT tapping, is a powerful healing practice designed to assist you with pain and stress relief, emotional healing for anxiety, grief, sadness, frustration, depression and so much more.  This easily accessible book is a compilation of years of lessons with Becca Pronchick, EFT Master trainer, wellness coach and yoga/meditation instructor. This is an excellent guide to EFT, starting with the basics and going on to describe how and when to use tapping, along with meditation instruction and scripts to guide you. The book also includes Becca’s personal healing journey, beautiful photographs and healing stories from her clients.

Welcoming Anxiety As A Path To Acceptance

As many of you know, I have lived with chronic anxiety for most of my life.  I have chosen not to take medication and have continued to search for healing through meditation, tapping, Matrix Reimprinting (an advanced form of EFT) and acupuncture. For some time I have been free of my familiar morning anxiety, until the past couple of weeks.  Perhaps it’s flared up when I began to have more seasonal hay fever and wake up congested, achy and grumpy. Who knows … Two days ago I woke up feeling anxious and found a wonderful video lesson from Pema Chodron on-line (pematonglen.shambala.com). She was teaching a Buddhist meditation practice called Tonglen.  She describes this as a practice to remain open – it’s also referred to … continue reading

Tapping To Clear Food Cravings

“What tapping does incredibly well is disrupt the fight-or-flight response, quickly allowing your body to return to a more relaxed state in which it can digest food properly and support healthier digestion and faster metabolism.”     Jessica Ortner, author of The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss & Body Confidence As we move into the summer holiday, BBQ and eating more season, I thought I would share a new book from our friends at The Tapping Solution. Whether your goal is releasing excess weight or simply feeling better about your food choices and therefore feeling happier and more confident in your body, these simple practices may be helpful. Because it’s not about the food!  Ahhhh…   The foods we crave may very likely represent comfort, … continue reading

Stirring Up Dust & Stirring Up Memories

As I continue to clean out my garage I’ve been stirring up plenty of dust and experiencing stirred up memories as well.  Ahhhh… No wonder we procrastinate about clearing clutter… Tapping To Acknowledge & Release Stirred Up Memories Set Up Statement:  “Even though I’m feeling so many stirred up memories and part of me is holding on, for whatever reason, I choose to acknowledge and release the past with love and acceptance.” Reminder Statements: (while tapping around on the body points) “All these memories *** some of them good *** and some of them not so good *** all of these memories *** feeling sad *** so uncomfortable *** all these memories *** moving through my body *** I’d really like to let this go *** feeling … continue reading

Questions To Unwind Anxiety & Fear When Tapping

A powerful enhancement to our EFT healing practice is asking questions to unwind the symptoms of our anxiety and fear.  Remember that emotional issues are not just in our heads, they are held in our tissues.  When we are able to release emotional issues by tapping, our bodies are able to shift and change as well. Many of our physical conditions have their roots in past trauma.  Our childhood experiences have been found to correlate to persistent adult health conditions. When you are tapping to bring forth greater ease and calm, you might try asking yourself questions such as these: 1.  When did these emotions first begin? 2.  What was going on in your life at that time?  What relieves it?  What makes it worse? … continue reading

Healing & Releasing the Past

When I was in the third grade in Santa Ana, California, I was tested and my school decided I would skip the fourth grade and go right into fifth grade.  I was delighted at the time because no one liked the fourth grade teacher.  Ahhhh… I remember loving the fifth grade teacher and what I was learning.  I went on from there – all the way through high school – never realizing that I was just as smart and quite a bit younger than everyone else in school. This caused me a great deal of confusion and I always felt left out and not included in social activities.  My parents where so involved in their own dramas that I didn’t realize until much later in … continue reading

Tapping To Release & Heal Emotional Pain

One of the very best ways to utilize EFT tapping for healing emotional pain is to focus on the physical sensations in your body. For example:  When you are feeling sadness, ask yourself – where am I holding the sadness in my body? Then create your Set Up Statement with that information: “Even though I can feel this sadness in my heart/chest, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and all my feelings.” Then simply repeat – “This tightness in my chest” as you tap around on the 10 body points. When you pause to check in – notice your thoughts, emotions and any changes in sensations. Then continue tapping – “this tightness in my chest – this tightness in my chest”. Continue tapping until you feel relief of the sensations … continue reading