Questions To Unwind Anxiety & Fear When Tapping

A powerful enhancement to our EFT healing practice is asking questions to unwind the symptoms of our anxiety and fear.  Remember that emotional issues are not just in our heads, they are held in our tissues.  When we are able to release emotional issues by tapping, our bodies are able to shift and change as well.
Many of our physical conditions have their roots in past trauma.  Our childhood experiences have been found to correlate to persistent adult health conditions.
When you are tapping to bring forth greater ease and calm, you might try asking yourself questions such as these:
1.  When did these emotions first begin?
2.  What was going on in your life at that time?  What relieves it?  What makes it worse?
3.  What triggers the anxiety and fear?
4.  How do you feel this in your body?  What are the body sensations?
5.  What might your body and emotions being trying to communicate to you?
6.  Is there a metaphor that fits with these feelings?  For example:  it feels like a weight on my shoulders, it’s like a dark cloud, everything feels foggy.
When you have asked a few questions and written down the answers that come to you, create a Set Up Statement, such as:
“Even though I have this fear and it’s just too scary to look at, I acknowledge my feelings and choose to accept myself just as I am.”
“Even though part of me is overwhelmed with fear, the rest of me knows that my body knows how to heal, and I choose to listen to my body with love and acceptance.”
Tapping is an effective intervention to enhance our mental, 
emotional and physical well-being.
Tap around on the 10 Body Points, using your own words, such as:
All this fear *** really feeling it in my body *** all this fear and anxiety *** it feels like a dark cloud *** this deep fear *** it’s really holding me back *** all this fear *** not sure where this comes from *** feeling so anxious and afraid
Continue to tap until the intensity of the feelings begins to be relieved.  You might activetly imagine what has triggered the feelings and notice the response in your body.
Tapping To Release
Once you have tapped on the body points for two or three rounds and have begun to feel some relief, create a new Set Up Statement and tap to RELEASE:
“Even though I feel calmer, part of me might still be holding on, for whatever reason, conscious or unconscious.  I now choose to relax, let go and begin to feel peaceful and calm.  I love and accept myself and all my feelings.”
Tapping around on the 10 Body Points, alternating what you say on each point:
“This remaining fear *** I’d really like to let it go *** this remaining fear *** that I’m holding in my body *** it’s time to let it go *** this remaining fear and anxiety *** it’s safe to relax and let go *** letting the energy move *** opening to the healing *** any part of me that’s holding on *** it’s OK to relax and let go.”
When you feel neutral about the issue, you have succeeded!
Rather than avoiding, supressing or pushing through your feelings – you are actively acknowledging the feelings and allowing the energy to move through your system.  Feeling calmer, clearer and more open will allow for the healing.
Always complete your practice with a positive tapping round, expressing gratitude for the healing, the clarity, the relief.  Return to a few minutes of tapping each day to continue to calm your body and your mind.
Happy Tapping!
P.S. This lesson is inspired by “Heal Yourself With Emotional Freedom Technique” by John Freedom