Stirring Up Dust & Stirring Up Memories

As I continue to clean out my garage I’ve been stirring up plenty of dust and experiencing stirred up memories as well.  Ahhhh… No wonder we procrastinate about clearing clutter…
Tapping To Acknowledge & Release Stirred Up Memories
Set Up Statement:  “Even though I’m feeling so many stirred up memories and part of me is holding on, for whatever reason, I choose to acknowledge and release the past with love and acceptance.”
Reminder Statements: (while tapping around on the body points)
“All these memories *** some of them good *** and some of them not so good *** all of these memories *** feeling sad *** so uncomfortable *** all these memories *** moving through my body *** I’d really like to let this go *** feeling the feelings *** moving the energy *** being gentle with myself.”
Take your time and be gentle with yourself.  Continue to tap until you begin to feel relief.  Drink plenty of water and take breaks to go outside and relax.
When you are ready tap on a Releasing Round:
“Even though I’m feeling a little lighter, part of me might still be holding on.  I choose to relax and let go of the past, with love and acceptance.  I love and accept and forgive myself and I am safe.”
“These remaining memories *** I’d really like to relax and let go *** whatever part of me that’s holding on *** for whatever reason *** it’s safe to relax and let go *** allowing the energy to move *** opening to the healing *** being gentle with myself *** feeling the feelings *** and taking my time *** it’s time to let go of the stuff *** and let go of the past.”
Always complete your tapping session with a Positive Round, giving thanks for the healing, the willingness to let go and all of the blessings in your life.
Give yourself plenty of time to sort, recycle, donate and discard any stuff that is weighing you down.  Just one shelf, one drawer or one box at a time.
May you enjoy the feeling of letting go and lightening up in body, mind and spirit.