What is Visioning Guided Meditation?

The purpose of Visioning guided meditation is to open a place in our consciousness for fresh ideas to be revealed.  We center ourselves in the silence, establishing awareness of the Divine within us and opening to our inner wisdom, intuition and guidance. Visions may appear in the form of images, colors, sounds or feelings.  At times nothing may be revealed.  We accept whatever comes or doesn’t come without judgment, knowing that more will be revealed. The questions:   1.  What is the HIGHEST VISION for my life/health/career? 2.  What must I RELEASE to fulfill this vision – what am I releasing or transforming that no longer serves me? NOTE:  This is the perfect time to utilize your EFT tapping practice to release whatever wants to be released or forgiven so … continue reading

Honoring the life of Louise L. Hay

“The very person you find it hardest to forgive is the one you need to let go of the most. Forgiveness means giving up, letting go. It has nothing to do with condoning behavior. It’s just letting the whole thing go. We do not have to know How to forgive. All we need to do is to be Willing to forgive. The Universe will take care of the hows.” You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay Louise L. Hay, who just passed away on August 30th at the age of 91, was one of the most influential teachers in my life. I am deeply grateful for her wisdom, compassion, humor and guidance. In 1985 when my mother passed away and I was falling apart … continue reading

Tapping To Release & Heal Emotional Pain

One of the very best ways to utilize EFT tapping for healing emotional pain is to focus on the physical sensations in your body. For example:  When you are feeling sadness, ask yourself – where am I holding the sadness in my body? Then create your Set Up Statement with that information: “Even though I can feel this sadness in my heart/chest, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and all my feelings.” Then simply repeat – “This tightness in my chest” as you tap around on the 10 body points. When you pause to check in – notice your thoughts, emotions and any changes in sensations. Then continue tapping – “this tightness in my chest – this tightness in my chest”. Continue tapping until you feel relief of the sensations … continue reading

Physical & Emotional Impact of Pain

“Tapping is so effective at relieving chronic pain because it helps release unresolved emotions keeping the body in a stressed-out state.  By tapping to remove the negative emotional charge from specific events and other past and current issues, the brain gets the message that it is safe to relax tense muscles and lessens nerve sensitivity.  That’s when the body can heal itself – of chronic pain and other symptoms as well.” Eric Robins, M.D. Expert in treating chronic pain This quote from the introduction to our friend, Nick Ortner’s, book The Tapping Solution For Pain Relief inspires us to try this crazy tapping thing on everything, including chronic or even long standing pain. Let’s face it, pain causes stress, stress causes tension, fatigue and plenty of emotional … continue reading

Powerful Questions To Reduce Your Stress

 Here is a simple practice to reduce stress, when traveling or when you are home: 1.  Begin with a few minutes of Energization exercises, stretching or yoga postures. 2.  Sit quietly in Meditation and visualize how you want to feel in your daily life.  Really notice the sensations, the energy in your body when you are feeling calm, relaxed and healthy. 3.  Ask yourself – What do I need to STOP doing to feel better?  What am I saying NO to?  And write that down. 4.  What do you need to START doing to feel better? What are you saying YES to?  And write that down as well. 5.  Choose one action you can take this week and commit: ________________________________________ 6.  Resistance to change is a nature part of the process of … continue reading

Can’t Quiet Your Mind?

First of all, may I say, that I practice all of the techniques and practices that I teach.  I’m not just regurgitating something I read in a book or on-line.  I began to study Meditation in the early 80’s and, for many years, didn’t really have a daily spiritual practice. Then in the late 90’s I trained at The Expanding Light as an Ananda Yoga & Meditation instructor and really began to practice and understand the benefits of daily practice. Routine, environment, energization exercises, yoga postures, breathing practices, mantra and progressive relaxation are all methods to quiet the mind and body and prepare for meditation. If you are struggling with settling down to meditate, finding the time to meditate or quieting your mind when you … continue reading

When You Don’t Know What To Say When Tapping…

Are You New To Tapping? I know it seems crazy, however this simple, effective acupressure self-healing technique will help you with you in so many ways – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Begin with the Basic Recipe to acknowledge and release whatever is bothering you right now – physical pain, stress, anxiety or worry. Gently tapping on the side of both hands:  “Even though I have this pain (be specific), I love and accept myself, just as I am.” “Even though I have this persistent pain in my back, and part of me is holding on, for whatever reason, conscious or unconscious, I choose to relax and open to the healing, with love and acceptance.” While tapping around on the 10 body points:  “This pain *** … continue reading

Tapping To Relieve Cravings

Do you crave sugar, cookies, chocolate, chips or other foods that may not be the most nutritious or wise choices? Me too!  I’m in the early stages of getting off sugar.  Ahhhh… You may have noticed that it’s in everything! I feel so much better when I don’t consume sugar.  Less joint pain, more energy, better digestion and improved sleep. So here is a Tapping Practice to help us all relieve the cravings. Settle yourself down.  Take a few deep cleansing breaths.  Close your eyes and check in with your body and your emotions. What are you feeling when you crave these foods? You may choose to tap on the cravings (symptoms), on the emotions (feelings) or even on the physical sensations.  Here’s an example: … continue reading

Energizing Your Daily Practice

    I learned these wonderful energization exercises at The Expanding Light at Ananda in Nevada City, California (www.expandinglight.org) when I attended a month long Yoga Teacher Training in 1998 and I have returned for personal retreat each year. We include a few of these exercises as preparation for meditation each week in our Monday classes at Synergy.  This week let’s explore them more deeply as motivation for including them in daily practice. I will be returning to the EL January 13 – 16 to attend a Meditation retreat with one of my beloved teachers, Gyandev McCord.  Here’s the link for more information: https://www.expandinglight.org/program/?programID=PRANA https://www.expandinglight.org/program/?programID=PRANA     Paramhansa Yogananda, the well known yoga master, created the Energization Exercises as a scientific and systematic method for increasing … continue reading