Tapping To Release & Heal Emotional Pain

One of the very best ways to utilize EFT tapping for healing emotional pain is to focus on the physical sensations in your body. For example:  When you are feeling sadness, ask yourself – where am I holding the sadness in my body?

Then create your Set Up Statement with that information:
“Even though I can feel this sadness in my
heart/chest, I deeply and completely love and
accept myself and all my feelings.”
Then simply repeat – “This tightness in my chest” as you tap around on the 10 body points. When you pause to check in – notice your thoughts, emotions and any changes in sensations.
Then continue tapping – “this tightness in my chest – this tightness in my chest”. Continue tapping until you feel relief of the sensations and then return to your original subject and emotions.
You can always fall back on telling the story or venting as you tap around.
And you may find that simply addressing the sensations in your body can be very effective in clearing the issue, releasing the tension, moving the energy and relieving the intensity of the emotion.
You may cry or feel more upset at first and I encourage you to continue tapping, if possible, until you feel relief.
You might complete your tapping with a releasing round –“I’m releasing the tension, I’m now releasing the sadness from my body – I’m relaxing and letting go”.
And, of course, giving thanks for the healing with a bit of happy tapping.