Physical & Emotional Impact of Pain

“Tapping is so effective at relieving chronic pain because it helps release unresolved emotions keeping the body in a stressed-out state.  By tapping to remove the negative emotional charge from specific events and other past and current issues, the brain gets the message that it is safe to relax tense muscles and lessens nerve sensitivity.  That’s when the body can heal itself – of chronic pain and other symptoms as well.”

Eric Robins, M.D. Expert in treating chronic pain

This quote from the introduction to our friend, Nick Ortner’s, book The Tapping Solution For Pain Relief inspires us to try this crazy tapping thing on everything, including chronic or even long standing pain.

Let’s face it, pain causes stress, stress causes tension, fatigue and plenty of emotional responses that wear us down and make our lives miserable.

I suffered with chronic pain to varying degrees and nothing has been more effective than EFT tapping in relieving pain.  And I have had the great joy of sharing this healing practice with many, many people who have also had amazing results and relief.

Today I am encouraging you to be willing to try tapping, even though it’s weird, it may not work right away and you don’t believe me – try it any way!