Powerful Questions To Reduce Your Stress

 Here is a simple practice to reduce stress, when traveling or when you are home:
1.  Begin with a few minutes of Energization exercises, stretching or yoga postures.
2.  Sit quietly in Meditation and visualize how you want to feel in your daily life.  Really notice the sensations, the energy in your body when you are feeling calm, relaxed and healthy.
3.  Ask yourself – What do I need to STOP doing to feel better?  What am I saying NO to?  And write that down.
4.  What do you need to START doing to feel better? What are you saying YES to?  And write that down as well.
5.  Choose one action you can take this week and commit:
6.  Resistance to change is a nature part of the process of change.  What comes up for you when you make a commitment to take action to improve your own well being?
Continuously release resistance – this is a GREAT thing to tap on to reduce the charge on the resistance.
7.  Bonus Question:  What did you learn about yourself in making a commitment and taking action?
8.  Take action this week and celebrate your success!