12 Weeks to Wellness

Ready to reduce stress & regain better health?

This Program helps you Examine Every Area of Your Life, Giving You Long-Term Strategies That Help you to Reduce Stress, Live Better and Keep it that Way.

Looking for More Balance in Your Life?
Need More Time? Need to Relax?
Discover how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Life is too short! Make a plan to be healthy.

At the center of life's storms I stand serene

Imagine yourself… confident, fit, relaxed and more in control. You shop, prepare and enjoy healthy, nutritious meals for your family. You have a consistent exercise routine that works for you. Your energy is high and stable and you are getting much more done in your professional life while still having a social life.

From how you breathe to how you view the world, these twelve areas affect all aspects of your life; your disposition toward injury and illness; your relationships, your general level of happiness, and beyond. In an optimal state of wellness, all of your energies are in balance, and you are less prone to disease, stress, and other life-depleting factors. Using a self-assessment tool known as the Wellness Inventory, you’ll develop a clear picture of what areas in your life need attention. 

12 Weeks to Wellness

Classes begin on Tuesday, January 9, 2024, 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. PT

From the comfort of your home or office on Zoom

Registration is now Open!

What is included in the 12 Weeks to Wellness Program?

  • Twelve 90-minute weekly Wellness classes on Zoom
  • For anyone who has not worked with me before, I include a 20 minute private consultation to get acquainted.
  • Wellness Workbook by Dr. John Travis (order on-line)
  • Guided Meditation & EFT Tapping in each class for healing, self-discovery and transformation
  • Customized Wellness Journal
  • Private Wellness coaching consultation with Becca
  • A suite of tools to help you follow your wellness plan and meet your goals.
  •  Resource library of books, CDs, audio programs and much more!

What topics do we cover in the Twelve Classes?

The Wellness Energy System – The efficient flow of energy is essential to wellness; disease is the result of any interference with this flow.

Class #1: Self-Responsibility & Love – Flowing from the appreciation that we are not separate and individual entities, nor are we made up of separate parts. Rather, we are united in a single energy system along with everything else in creation. We cultivate a loving relationship with our bodies.

Class #2: Breathing – Synonymous with living, breathing provides oxygen needed for the production of the high-energy chemical bonds in every cell in our body. Breathing invokes our life force.

Class #3: Sensing – Sensory information (light, heat, touch, sound, odor, taste and movement) received through our environment is necessary for our protection and survival and serve as our basic form of communication.

Class #4: Eating – Digestion and assimilation is the process to extract nutrients from our food and transform it into energy. Awareness of our emotional connection to food, stress and the role that food plays in our overall well being is our focus.

Class #5: Moving – We are always moving, internally and externally. To be alive is to be moving. How much we allow movement in our lives directly affects our energy, our health and our well being. 

Class #6: Feeling – The expression of emotions is an important form of human energy output. Feelings are generated from the limbic system of the brain, serving to motivate both thought and action.

Class #7: Thinking – Thinking energy is intimately connected with the energy of feeling/emotions in mapping our internal version of external reality.

Class #8: Playing & Working – Balance between how we express creatively in the world and how we nourish ourselves with rest, relaxation and fun enhance the energy of movement, thinking and communicating with the world.

Class #9: Communicating – Feeling and thinking together are an energy output that allows us to share our internal map of reality with others, and forms the foundation of our experience and our culture. Our self-talk, listening and compassionate connection with the earth, form the basis of effective cooperation.

Class #10: Intimacy – Integration of the body, mind and spirit with ourselves and our partners in healthy physical communication allows the flow of all energies, feelings and emotions, freeing the senses and encouraging us to be touched on all levels.

Class #11: Finding Meaning – The ongoing search for meaning – Who am I? Why am I here? What is true for me? – encourages a balanced life and provides us with a focal point toward which to direct our energy.

Class #12: Transcending – Coming full circle, we examine our beliefs and what connects us to all of life, bringing together all forms of energy, shaping our reality to fulfill our dreams for true health and well being.

12 Weeks to Wellness

Classes begin on Tuesday, January 9, 2024, 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. PT

From the comfort of your home or office on Zoom

Registration is now Open!

How does the 12 Weeks to Wellness program work?

  • When you sign up for the program you will be registered for the On-Line Wellness Inventory assessment. 
  • You will receive an email welcome message explaining how to access the assessment on-line with your email address.
  • Allow about one hour to take the Wellness Inventory.
  • You will receive your Wellness scores with your Strengths and the Areas Where You Are Motivated to Change.
  • You will be invited to create your Wellness Action Plan.
  • You will be scheduled for your Private Wellness Consultation with Becca, your Wellness Coach.
  • You will attend the twelve weekly classes on Zoom.
  • You will be connected with a Wellness Buddy.
  • At the completion of your 12 weekly Wellness classes, you will once again be invited to take the Wellness Inventory to assess your progress.

“I highly recommend Becca as a coach. She has truly helped me to change my life. With her support, guidance, and visioning, I’ve been able to attain all of my important goals. Through working with Becca, I’ve come to understand who I am and what I really want in life – and I’ve realized that taking care of myself is just as important as all my other life goals.” Kathy Anttila, Marketing Communications Consultant

“The Wellness Workbook integrates physical health with feeling well, which is no small task. The workbook offers down-to-earth practical approaches to help us enjoy our lives and our good health. If living well is your goal – and it should be – this is a must-have.” Dean Edell, M.D.

“One of the great paradoxes of our high-tech age is that good health fundamentally depends on simple, practical things – things we can and must do for ourselves. The Wellness Workbook has brought home this truth to hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world.” Larry Dossey, M.D.