Just reading “Radical Compassion” by Tara Broch and this is what jumped out at me:

Tara asks, “What does the wanting energy want to experience?

This is what came to me when I responded to the question:

  • To relax – to be part of something
  • To make a difference
  • To be connected and accepted
  • To be seen and heard
  • To feel safe and protected
  • To be honored and acknowledged for who I am – just as I am

Wow! That’s a tall order. And I feel better just having written/typed that list of wants. Perhaps you are willing to answer this question for yourself.

Write the question in your journal and write down what comes up for you – it may be surprising! I’m noticing that none of this is materials things – it’s all about beingness. Very interesting…

Tara goes on to write that unmet needs may lead to addiction.

This is important information, I believe. Because stress causes a decrease in our dopamine receptors that register pleasure, we are driven to high intensity rewards, such as food, alcohol or drugs to light up our pleasure centers.

Think about that for a moment…

We have all been swimming in a great deal of stress lately – yes? Perhaps you have been experiencing a health challenge, caring for ill or dying loved ones, raising children while working and schooling from home, or searching for work.

I share all of this with you with an invitation to

awareness, a focus on self-care and a big, warm,

juicy dose of lovingkindness.

Please be gentle with yourself and your family and friends.

Remember to stay hydrated, rest when your are tired, if possible, and plan ahead for nourishing, fresh food.

Tapping To Relieve Stress & Unmet Needs

Set Up Statement: (while tapping on the side of both hands)

“Even though I am not getting my needs met, I’m noticing how I feel and acknowledging my feelings. Whatever part of me that’s holding on – even if it’s keeping me safe – I choose to relax and let go with love and acceptance for myself and everyone else.”

Reminder Statements: (tapping around on the body points)

All this wanting * part of me is never satisfied * all this longing * I just want peace * all this wishing and hoping * will I ever get what I need? * This is crazy making * will I ever feel better? * this feelings are so intense * I’d really like to be able to relax * acknowledging my feelings * letting the energy flow * feeling so stressed and exhausted * what do I really need?

Remember to continue to tap and feel your feelings until you begin to feel relief and the intensity comes down. Stop to close your eyes, check in and notice your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations.

Then begin to alternate what you say on the points with Releasing Statements:

All this wanting * I’d really like to let it go * it’s time to relax and let go * It’s safe to releasing the longing and urges * any part of me that’s holding on * I’m ready to open to healing * relaxing and letting go of the past * listening to my guidance * just getting some water or tea * going outside for a walk * taking a nap * that would feel really good!

Complete your tapping session with Gratitude or Happy Tapping: Tapping around on the body points while expressing your gratitude for all of the blessings in your life.