Just reading “Radical Compassion” by Tara Broch and this is what jumped out at me:

Tara asks, “What does the wanting energy want to experience?“ This is what came to me when I responded to the question: To relax – to be part of something To make a difference To be connected and accepted To be seen and heard To feel safe and protected To be honored and acknowledged for who I am – just as I am Wow! That’s a tall order. And I feel better just having written/typed that list of wants. Perhaps you are willing to answer this question for yourself. Write the question in your journal and write down what comes up for you – it may be surprising! I’m noticing that none of this is materials things – it’s all about beingness. Very interesting… Tara … continue reading

Where Are You Holding On & Refusing To Forgive?

We need to choose to release the past and forgive everyone, ourselves included. We may not know how to forgive, and we may not want to forgive, but the very fact that we say we are willing to forgive begins the healing process. Louise L. Hay – You Can Heal Your Life Hello dearies, This week I was introduced to a Forgiveness Process by Vishen Lakhiani from MindValley that leads to clearer intuition, connection, guidance and mind/heart coherence. Identify a person or act to forgive – someone you genuinely love and care for – including your younger self. Create a safe and healing space in your imagination with that person. Communicate to them the circumstances that occurred. Allow yourself to feel the deep pain/anger/frustration fully … continue reading

Turning Up the Heat!

As I continue to turn within and ask – what am I releasing that no longer serves me? – I touched a memory that is very tender. When I left home at 18 I did not go to my grandmother, Leah’s, house. I went to my godmother, Joan’s, house. I didn’t consciously decide, I just got up in the morning and started walking and ended up at my godparent’s house. Joan answered the door and said, “I’ve been expecting you. Where is your brother?” My younger brother had decided to stay at home and finish high school. I still feel sad that he lived longer with my parents, which couldn’t have been good for his mental health. In the process of leaving home, I also left my grandmother, … continue reading

A Story From When I Wasn’t So Healthy & Happy

“I think it’s important to tell it. Maybe it will help educate or inspire other people so they too can do something, they too can make a contribution.”A quote from Senator John Lewis in the Times magazine about why he told the story of the civil rights movement over and over again. Hello dearies, I wanted to share a story with you today about transformation, inspired by Senator John Lewis. Most of my current clients and students see me as a healthy, happy coach and teacher. Happily married and loving life. No challenges, right? Well, it hasn’t always been this way. Steve and I have been happily married for over 35 years. Amazing to acknowledge that! We give thanks every day for our connection, friendship and enduring … continue reading

Do You Have One Foot on the Gas and One Foot On the Brake?

There is a very important reason for the words we include in our EFT Tapping Set Up Statements. Acknowledge the Feelings – while tapping on the side of both hands We say, “Even though I have this fear…” This is an important aspect of the practice, to acknowledge what we are truly feeling and not try to push it away or deny our feelings. There is great benefit in allowing ourselves to feel the fear, or other strong emotions, and allow the energy to move. Speaking to the Part of Us That Resists Change Then we say, “Whatever part of me is holding on…”This is where we get to the “one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake” feeling. We may want very much to release … continue reading