Tapping To Relieve Cravings

Do you crave sugar, cookies, chocolate, chips or other foods that may not be the most nutritious or wise choices?
Me too!  I’m in the early stages of getting off sugar.  Ahhhh…
You may have noticed that it’s in everything!
I feel so much better when I don’t consume sugar.  Less joint pain, more energy, better digestion and improved sleep.
So here is a Tapping Practice to help us all relieve the cravings.
Settle yourself down.  Take a few deep cleansing breaths.  Close your eyes and check in with your body and your emotions.
What are you feeling when you crave these foods?
You may choose to tap on the cravings (symptoms), on the emotions (feelings) or even on the physical sensations.  Here’s an example:
Set Up Statement: (while tapping on the side of both hands)
Even though I really, really want this chocolate and part of me doesn’t want to let go of this craving, I choose to love and accept myself and all my feelings.
(If you are not able to say “I love and accept myself“, try saying “I accept myself and all my feelings.”  Or “I choose to relax and let go.”)
Reminder Statements:  (tapping around on the body points)
Eyebrows:  I need to eat this chocolate.
Side of eyes:  I can feel the cravings building up inside.
Under eyes:  It feels to intense!
Upper lip:  I know I’ll feel better after I eat this.
Chin:  I just want relief from the cravings.
Collarbones:  I don’t want to give it up.
Under arms:  This is really hard and uncomfortable.
Ribs:  I can choose to eat whatever I want.
Wrists:  All these intense feelings coming up.
Top of Head:  Acknowledging my feelings and thoughts.
Note:  If you are new to EFT tapping, visit:   www.permissiontorelax.com for more information and look for my videos on Youtube.
Pause and check in with your body, your feelings and thoughts.
Has the intensity of the feelings changed?  Any new insights about your behavior?  Any memories appeared, especially from childhood?
Set Up Statement:
Even though I feel calmer and clearer about the cravings, part of me might still be holding on, maybe because it helps me feel safe.  So whether it’s conscious or unconscious, I’m acknowledging my feelings and choosing to open to the healing with love and acceptance.
Reminder Statements:
Still feeling the craving *** I really want this chocolate *** It tastes so good *** This is a habit *** What if I could slow down and breathe? *** Feeling the uncomfortable feelings *** These intense cravings ***  Maybe there’s another way *** I’m open to new ways of comforting myself *** I choose to feel calm and centered *** This feels so good.
Check in again and commit to a bit of tapping before you take action on eating the foods you crave – especially between meals, before bed and in the car.
Repeat this affirmation often:
“I nurture myself with positive thoughts and nourishing food.”
Please let me know how you do with this practice.  I’ll be tapping along with you as we move together toward healthier choices and ease.