Healing & Releasing the Past

When I was in the third grade in Santa Ana, California, I was tested and my school decided I would skip the fourth grade and go right into fifth grade.  I was delighted at the time because no one liked the fourth grade teacher.  Ahhhh…
I remember loving the fifth grade teacher and what I was learning.  I went on from there – all the way through high school – never realizing that I was just as smart and quite a bit younger than everyone else in school.
This caused me a great deal of confusion and I always felt left out and not included in social activities.  My parents where so involved in their own dramas that I didn’t realize until much later in life the effect this had on me and my relationships.
Perhaps you have had similar circumstances in your childhood that caused you to feel left out, unloved, confused and that you simply didn’t fit in.  Let’s get centered and tap to release these past experiences and open to greater clarity, understanding and acceptance of ourselves and others.
Set Up Statement:  “Even though I didn’t feel included when I was a child, part of me might be holding on, consciously or unconsciously, and I choose to open to a new way of being, with love and acceptance.”
Reminder Statements:  “I felt left out” *** “I didn’t understand” *** “I was younger than everyone else” *** “Feeling left out” *** “It was so painful” *** “I was smart” *** “And it was hard to make friends” *** “I tried to connect” *** “And nothing seemed to work” *** “So confusing” *** “Now I understand” *** “I’d really like to let this go” *** “Letting myself feel these feelings”
Remember to use your own words and continue to tap until you feel relief.  You might test your results by closing your eyes and checking in.  Imagine how it felt to be left out and lonely as a child.
Complete your tapping practice with a positive round – giving thanks for the clarity, the forgiveness, the understanding  – feeling safe to acknowledge and release the past.  Ahhhhh…
“May you stop comparing yourself to others
and start celebrating you!”