Tapping To Clear Food Cravings

What tapping does incredibly well is disrupt the fight-or-flight response, quickly allowing your
body to return to a more relaxed state in which it can digest food properly and support healthier digestion and faster metabolism.”  
Jessica Ortner, author of The Tapping Solution
for Weight Loss & Body Confidence
As we move into the summer holiday, BBQ and eating more season, I thought I would share a new book from our friends at The Tapping Solution.
Whether your goal is releasing excess weight or simply feeling better about your food choices and therefore feeling happier and more confident in your body, these simple practices may be helpful.
Because it’s not about the food!  Ahhhh…
The foods we crave may very likely represent comfort, safety, fun or fulfillment in ways that we don’t feel able to access in other, healthier ways.  Be gentle and patient with yourself.
Perhaps eating comforting foods helps us prevent uncomfortable feelings or painful memories.  That’s where tapping helps us to acknowledge those memories and feelings and release the past, so that we can make healthy choices in the present.
Tapping To Release Food Cravings
One of the simplest ways to relieve the struggle, is to tap directly on the cravings, for example:
Set Up Statement:  “Even though I crave this chocolate, I accept myself and all my feelings.”
Reminder Statements:  I need this chocolate now *** I need this chocolate *** I have to have it now *** This craving for chocolate *** I need it now *** This craving for chocolate *** This intense craving *** I can’t focus on anything else!
Tapping On the Underlying Feelings
When you are willing to gently explore what may lie beneath your cravings, practice noticing and being present with your feelings – before you reach for the food.  I’m not saying this is easy to do.  Acknowledging and releasing the past with relaxation and tapping can be very effective and help you welcome change into your behavior.
Set Up Statement:  “Even though I crave this food to quiet my feelings, I accept myself and I am safe.”
Reminder Statements:  “I need to eat this now *** All these powerful feelings *** I don’t want to feel this *** It’s too much to handle *** So I need this food *** I don’t feel safe *** It’s the only way I can get through this *** All these feelings *** It feels overwhelming.
Continue to tap until you feel relief from the intense feelings.  Take a few deep breaths when you next feel the craving and tap before you act on the craving.  Continue this practice each day as you continue to release and heal the past.
Complete your practice with Happy Tapping:
“I’m healing and releasing the past *** I’m grateful for the healing *** My body is my teacher *** I’m feeling so much clearer now *** Making healthy choices *** I’m giving my body love and support *** I’m grateful for my strong, flexible, healthy body *** Thank you, thank you, thank you!