Feeling Angst?

  “In this video, I’m going to show you how to use Tapping to  access the deepest parts of your brain  that have been limiting and sabotaging your success. I’ll also show you how you can access your brain  in ways you’ve never been able to before, finding more creativity, more energy, more productivity,  more of the REAL you in every way! All those things that have been holding you back before today, all those limiting patterns, that self doubt, those unconscious childhood traumas and overwhelming emotions… those aren’t the real you!   They’re just … continue reading

Calming Down the Fight or Flight (or Flee) Response

  This week I thought we might practice calming down the stress in our lives.  There is plenty of scary stuff happening in our world and maybe not enough reminders to slow down, breathe deeply, move mindfully and ask for support.  Ahhhh…   Causes of Stress   The flight or fight response in the body is an automatic function designed to help us survive when we are in danger.   When every day experiences keep firing the stress response our immune system is impacted, which can lead to fatigue, insomnia, depression and illness.   I … continue reading

Restful Sleep & Sweet Dreams

Are you having trouble sleeping sufficiently? Is lack of sleep effecting your quality of life? Does grumpiness get in the way of your JOY? I hear you!  So many of my clients express their difficulty with sleep – either getting to sleep or getting to sleep and then waking up and not being able to get back to sleep. Ahhhhh… Here are several suggestions to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep – leading to peaceful rest and sweet dreams. 1.  Turn Off the TV – To improve your sleep, you might consider improving … continue reading