Calming Down the Fight or Flight (or Flee) Response

  This week I thought we might practice calming down the stress in our lives.  There is plenty of scary stuff happening in our world and maybe not enough reminders to slow down, breathe deeply, move mindfully and ask for support.  Ahhhh…   Causes of Stress   The flight or fight response in the body is an automatic function designed to help us survive when we are in danger.   When every day experiences keep firing the stress response our immune system is impacted, which can lead to fatigue, insomnia, depression and illness.   I believe that we always have a choice about how we respond to life.   As we move into the fall and winter months, give yourself permission to slow down, nurture yourself with comforting activities and release anything that pulls you off of your center.   Activating the Relaxation Response

  • Mindfulness of your breath throughout the day
  • Meditation, yoga, tai chi, qi gong practice
  • Walking, swimming, biking or other exercises
  • Asking for support from family and friends
  • Tapping while focusing on stressful circumstances

Action:  Choose one practice or activity that feels really good to you.   Continue for several weeks and see how much calmer and rested you feel.  Be patient and gentle with yourself.  Ahhhh…   Here’s a link to more information for those of you who are interested in the full scoop on this topic:   This article from Harvard Health also includes terrific information about how to calm the Fight or Flight response and activate the Relaxation Response.  Yay!