Feeling Angst?

“In this video, I’m going to show you how to use Tapping to 
access the deepest parts of your brain 
that have been limiting and sabotaging your success.
I’ll also show you how you can access your brain 
in ways you’ve never been able to before,
finding more creativity, more energy, more productivity, 
more of the REAL you in every way!
All those things that have been holding you back before today, all those limiting patterns, that self doubt, those
unconscious childhood traumas and overwhelming emotions… those aren’t the real you!
They’re just old programming that has held you back from becoming the full expression of who you really are.”  Nick Ortner  
This week I am moved to share with you a 15 minute tapping video from one of my favorite EFT teachers, Nick Ortner, with the Tapping Solution.
So many of you are telling me that you love our classes and you are not practicing tapping on your own at home.  Ahhhh…
Here is the perfect opportunity to sit down and tap on something that is important to you that is causing you ANGST!
I’d love to hear how tapping along with Nick’s video moves you to greater fulfillment and success.