How Bundling Baggage Heals the Past

One of the first tapping techniques I learned years ago was called the Personal Peace Process.

It involved making a list of all of the events, relationships and circumstances from the past that you want to heal.  Then tapping on one item each day, until you have reduced the intensity on it all.
And then I learned a much quicker and more effective way to heal and release the past called Bundling Baggage.
We’ll practice this in class together this week and you can practice this on your own as well.
1.  Choose the topic for your tapping session – an illness, a relationship, an event, such as an accident or a big disappointment.  You might even choose your childhood or past relationship for the session.
2.  Imagine that all of the details of your chosen topic are placed in front of you in a big pile.
3.  Describe the pile visually – size, color, shape, smell – is it like a big pile of steaming dung?
Is it as big as a car, as big as a house, as big as a mountain?
4.  Take note of the intensity of the pile when you begin.  On a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest, how intense does the pile seem?
5.  Tap on the pile with your Set Up Statement:
Even though I have this big, steaming pile of dung – and part of me is holding on – for whatever reason, I choose to release and let go with love and acceptance.”
Even though I have this huge pile – it’s as big as my house and it’s dark and scary looking, part of me is holding on, for whatever reason – maybe it’s keeping me safe.  I now choose to be open and release this pile.  I love, accept and forgive myself, and I am safe.”
5.  Tap around on the body points with your Reminder Statements:
This big, steaming pile of dung – big steaming pile – big steaming pile.  It really stinks!  This big, steaming pile.”
You can speak about the details as you are tapping, or simply repeat what you are calling the pile for now.
6.  Continue to tap on the pile, seeing it in front of you, until the intensity begins to come down.
7.  Close your eyes and Check In with the image of the pile in front of you.  Has it changed?  Gotten smaller?  Transformed into something else?
8.  Come back with a revised Set Up Statement and tap around some more on the body points.
9.  You may be amazed that the pile gets smaller, less intense and may even transform into something else.
When I first did this tapping exercise I started with a swamp and it turned into a meadow.  I was amazed!
Be gentle with yourself – be playful with this process – pretend you can see the pile.  
Your subconscious mind works with imagery and may surprise you with information and details you haven’t expected.  Allow this to be light and enjoyable.
Your willingness to release the past is the key to releasing your accumulated baggage and it’s effect on your life and health.
Happy Tapping!