Give Your Critical Voice A New Job!

All of us have experienced the nagging of our critical voice.  My theory is that this is the function of the ego trying to keep us safe.  It can be annoying, discouraging and persistent, I know.  Ahhhh… And we are fully capable of becoming more aware of the inner criticand redirecting that conversation. 1.  Begin by observing what you are saying to yourself inside your head all day long.  Warning – this can be shocking! 2.  Be grateful for the part of you that is keeping you safe.  Pat your heart and say, “thank you … continue reading

Awareness Practice

Awareness Of the Breath    Often when I’m teaching someone who is new to Meditation, they will say:  “I can’t meditate – I can’t quiet my mind.”  That’s when I love to suggest that thinking of it as AWARENESS PRACTICE and simply focusing on the breath can be so helpful.   Meditation is not something mysterious and mystical.  It is simply a technique and a tool to train our minds to stay in the present moment.  Sitting quietly and focusing on the sensations of the breath can help to quiet the thoughts and calm and … continue reading

Tap Into Your Healing Power

E-book now available for $4.99 on Amazon Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT tapping, is a powerful healing practice designed to assist you with pain and stress relief, emotional healing for anxiety, grief, sadness, frustration, depression and so much more.  This easily accessible book is a compilation of years of lessons with Becca Pronchick, EFT Master trainer, wellness coach and yoga/meditation instructor. This is an excellent guide to EFT, starting with the basics and going on to describe how and when to use tapping, along with meditation instruction and scripts to guide you. … continue reading