Give Your Critical Voice A New Job!

All of us have experienced the nagging of our critical voice.  My theory is that this is the function of the ego trying to keep us safe.  It can be annoying, discouraging and persistent, I know.  Ahhhh…
And we are fully capable of becoming more aware of the inner criticand redirecting that conversation.
1.  Begin by observing what you are saying to yourself inside your head all day long.  Warning – this can be shocking!
2.  Be grateful for the part of you that is keeping you safe.  Pat your heart and say, “thank you for keeping me safe – I’ve got this”.
3.  Set an intention to catch yourself and shift to a more positive, encouraging thought.
4.  Be gentle with yourself as you practice noticing what is going well in your day.  We are reprogramming our minds to pay more attention to what goes well and less attention to potential danger – creating new neuro pathways.
5.  Pause when you notice the critical voice, shift your awareness to what feels good and savor the goodness for 10 seconds.
6.  Rinse and repeat.
Let me know how you do with this practice.  You can even practice when meditating – rather than struggling to quiet your mind.  Ahhhh…
Today I am enjoying a lovely avocado and packing to prepare for a four day yoga retreat weekend with my sister friends.  Take very good care of yourselves and happy practicing.