Overcoming Resistance to Change by Examining Your Limiting Beliefs

  “As much pain as negative beliefs can cause, we aren’t always 
taught to evaluate them.  Whether we adopted them from 
our immediate environment or they were passed down to us 
from our parents, they often appear disguised as facts.  As we get 
older we tend to settle into beliefs and think what we believe is 
just how the world is – and, more dangerously.  This is just who I am.”
 Jessica Ortner, author of The Tapping Solution for
Weight Loss & Body Confidence
    We all have stories we tell ourselves about who we are and how we are.
     What is your story?
      Do you find yourself struggling to start a new activity or continue once you’ve started?  Do you procrastinate about daily self-care and chores.
      I suggest that this is a simple and very familiar resistance to change.  We are all creatures of habit.  We have our routines.  We have our schedules.  We have our To Do lists.
     See if you can observe your inner dialog, the story you are telling yourself all day long.  Question those thoughts.  Where did they begin?  What did you decide about yourself based on your upbringing and your life experiences?
     With Meditation and Tapping practice – even just a little bit every day – you can tap while telling the story – to neutralize those thoughts and feelings and choose a new story of Health, Clarity, Connecting, Joy, Love and Abundance.
  EFT setup phrases to help you with release limiting beliefs:
   While tapping the karate chop spots on the side of both hands, repeat these    phrases out loud, (or use your own words).
  “Even though my limiting beliefs and fears are holding me back in life, I now choose to release the past with love and acceptance.”
  “Even though I’m holding onto my old story,  I’m willing to forgive myself and others, with  love and acceptance.”
  ***Now for the phrases that focus on the issue to acknowledge and release the past – while tapping around on the body points:
   All these limiting beliefs about myself *** I thought they were facts *** All these limiting beliefs about others *** I inherited them from my family *** All these limiting beliefs *** I’ve been repeating them over and over *** “I’m not good enough” *** “I don’t deserve to be loved” *** All these limiting beliefs *** I’m ready to release them now *** I accept myself even though I have all these feelings ***  They have felt true in the past *** I have the ability to change my beliefs *** I am open and receptive *** I am able to change *** I am confident ***  I am strong ***  I am smart *** I am enough *** I am loved and appreciated for who I am
   May this practice help you relax and find peace within.