I still feel guilty sometimes when I take time off to relax and play …

I still feel guilty sometimes when I take time off to relax and play . . .
When I launched my photography business, 30 years ago, I didn’t have a clue about work/life balance.  Never even heard the term until years later.
I threw myself into the business and loved every minute of it.  Worked in my home office, marketing and doing paperwork, all week long, then went out to photograph weddings and families on the weekends.
And I did that for 15 years until my body gave out and I was forced to slow down.  Ahhhh…
Gradually I learned to take Fridays off and one week of vacation each year.  I still vividly remember the first time we landed in Hawaii and stepped off the plane.  Now that’s a great place to relax!
Eventually I learned that it was challenging for me to relax at home, because I worked from a home office.  I could really relax when we went to the ocean or away on a trip.
The physical and emotional collapse taught me the hard way – how to slow down and rest.  Even when I take time off to rest and play now, I still feel guilty sometimes.  As if it’s not OK to stop working.
Do you feel guilty when you relax and take time off?
Well, you are not alone.  It is scary!!
Giving yourself permission to relax takes some practice.  You may need to ease into it slowly.
*  Take part of a day off and see how that feels. 
*  Take a full day off and see how you do.
*  Schedule a weekend, without work, only fun!
*  Work your way up to a week away to relax & play.
This past holiday season I allowed myself two full weeks off from teaching and coaching and it felt great.  Big difference in my level of enjoyment and ease – instead of taking only one week off between Christmas and New Years.
Things will not fall apart while you are unplugged – I promise.  And you can always Meditate & Tap on the anxiety, guilt and doubt that you feel about not working – and let go of the worry, fear and tension.  Ahhhhh…