Forgiveness & Letting Go of the Past

We are all affected by the world around us, as well as our own thoughts and beliefs.  Sometimes the world feels like a scary place and we are not sure how to respond or maintain our balance.
This week I want to share some thoughts on forgiveness with the hope that these suggestions will help you return to your center, open to wisdom, insight and clarity and gain peace within.
Ask For Guidance to Healing
When centering in Meditation, you might ask to be guided to a memory from the past that will assist you in your healing.  Trust where you are guided and work with that information with tapping, journaling and in forgiveness practice.
EFT tapping is very effective to help us re-imagine and heal something from the past that may still be held in our subconscious mind.
Add Forgiveness to Your Set Up Statement
I find it helpful and comforting to say “I love and accept and forgive myself” when I begin tapping with a Set Up statement.  I also find myself saying “I am open to the healing and I’m willing to let go of the past”.
What Does This Remind You Of?
When a condition or circumstance is disturbing us in the present, it can be enlightening to ask “What does this remind me of?”  “When have I felt this resentment and frustration before?”  Or “Might there be a pattern here that I might be willing to release?”.
All of these suggestions come back to our willingness to forgive ourselves and others.  When we realize that holding onto the past does not serve us, it’s time to relax, release and let it go.
Freedom To Choose
This does not mean that we passively accept behavior or circumstances that are harmful or unhealthy.  A practice of forgiveness actually frees us to choose our response – to choose how we behave in the present moment.  We are able to establish healthy boundaries and ask for what we need to feel safe.