Accessing & Trusting Your Body Wisdom

One way to find relief that helps us move beyond taking a pill or searching the internet, is to get in touch with our Body Wisdom. You may call this intuition, guidance, knowing or even magic.
I have found that when I have a question about what is happening in my body – my head wants to figure out a solution and Do something. When I take the time to slow down, get quiet and ask my body for information, I usually get a different answer and somehow wiser information.
I might ask “What is it I need to know or understand?”
Then I listen with my heart for the answer.
This may take some time and patience. I feel that I am tuning in to my Body Wisdom and Intuition – a part of my consciousness that is not confined to intellect or intelligence.
My body might say, “Slow Down”. Or “Time to Rest”.
It is most often a Being response, rather than a Doing.

Asking For Guidance From a Body Part or Symptom

Another way to gain clarity about your self-care may be to practice communicating with your body, as if it has a voice.
When you have tension, pain or discomfort in your back, for instance. You might settle yourself down and bring your awareness to your back. Gently pat your heart and say,”There, there, I’m listening, how can I help you?”
Then wait patiently for an answer from your body. You may receive words, phrases, thoughts, or memories. At times my body will show me a behavior or treatment that will be helpful.
You are tuning into your unique Body Wisdom and Guidance. I also find that trusting and acting on the guidance helps to encourage the connection and effectivness.
This practice works just as well for emotional issues. When I feel anxious and ask my Body Wisdom for guidance, my body will say “Go outside”. This almost always helps me to calm down, especially after all the days of staying inside to avoid the nasty smoke in the air. Ahhhhh…
May this practice help you with your healing and self-care.