Preparation for Meditation

The test of your success in meditation is not whether you have visions, but rather how you are changing as a person in everyday life – whether you are becoming a happier person.  The goal is to have your whole life become a meditation. Preparing for Meditation Create a comfortable and pleasant place to meditate. Set aside a specific time to meditate – best times are dawn, dusk,noon and midnight – but most importantly – be consistent about when you meditate. Find a comfortable sitting position in a chair, on a cushion or on a … continue reading

The Amazing Vagus Nerve Complex

The Amazing Vagus Nerve Complex   The Vagus Nerve is a cranial nerve that extends up into our brains, even though it is not shown in this image. Following is a somewhat technical description of our amazing vagus nerve complex.  This is a cranial nerve which, quite elegantly, travels from within our brains, down through all of our major organs, and into our gastro-intestinal system, governing taste, speech, circulation, digestion and so much more. I am suspecting that our so called gut-brain is influential in so many of our chronic illnesses and conditions. In our practice … continue reading