The Simplest Way To Quiet Your Mind

  When my mind just won’t quiet down, I turn to humming or chanting to help relax, calm down and quiet the thoughts.
 It’s fun.  It’s comforting and healing and it works! You can simply hum for a few minutes before sitting in silence. You can chant Om. You can chant the Loving Kindness chant. You might sing your favorite song. Really, it all works. The sound and the vibration is very comforting and relaxing to the body and your mind will ease up and become quiet. Ahhhhh… When you’d like to add an additional feature to your humming, you might practice gently sending the hum down into your body. You might place one hand on your heart and one hand on your abdomen and imagine that the sound is relaxing and aligning your organs, muscles, bones and fluids.Imagine that the hum is going wherever it is needed in your body.  Be gentle.  Don’t push.  Relax and Enjoy!