Releasing 2016 – Your Best Year Ever in 2017

Happy New Year!
I hope that your holidays were warm and wonderful and that you enjoyed some time of rest, play and connection with loved ones.
January is a wonderful time to reflect on the past year and to set intentions for the new year.
How will you create your best year ever?
I am a big believer in the power of intention.  I recently read that those of us who write down our intentions are at least 50% more likely to receive what we desire.  Wow!  That’s very encouraging.
In January I love to return to the VISIONING practice that invites us to meditate and create a vision for our lives that includes asking the following questions:
What is the VISION for my life?
What am I RELEASING that no longer serves me?
(Identifying what we want to release and then using EFT tapping to acknowledge those feelings and circumstances to release them is a powerful key to healing and moving forward.)
What am I WELCOMING IN to fulfill this vision?
What am I BEING as I step into this vision?
I have been enjoying this practice for many years with great results.
Here are my notes from my VISIONING from five years ago:
My Visioning Notes – December 14, 2011
“Vision – In a meadow, most glorious, with nothing allergenic – sunshine, perfect temp, little breeze, flowers and trees, Disney butterflies, a stream running over rocks. It’s not just my spot; it’s irresistible to everyone else. They all want to come play with me here. Coming into this space opens people’s hearts. A place they find themselves, what they’re looking for within themselves. Find other people to play with. It’s utterly safe. It’s a place that calls forth possibility. People want to be part of the solution here. They want to connect here. It’s very open. People can come and go freely. We bring their best selves to this circle. There’s a feeling beyond everything being possible; everyone can have what they want here. Together everything can be solved.
Release – “Nobody wants to play with me.” Really clear. Loneliness. I don’t know how to do it – create community, invite people. Doubt. No matter what I do, it isn’t good enough. Will this work? Will this sustain me?
Embrace – Fun, big fun! Nature. Beauty. Community. Creativity. Learning. Teaching. Traveling. Collaboration. More fun. Music. Somehow my photography is in there. Adventure. Generosity. Worthiness. Excellence. Success. Joy. Celebration. Lots of people to play with. I get the image of dropping a pebble in the water and the rings expanding out, out, out. Natural expansion that’s effortless, easy, joyful. Dancing in the moment.
Being – Strong. Healthy. Confident. Joyful. Playful. Excited. Welcoming. Creative. Adventurous. Grateful. Peaceful. Curious. Content.
Gratitude lives in my body – in my heart.”

I want to remind you that, if you have my Guided Meditation CD, you can pull it out again and listen to the VISIONING guided meditation to set your intentions for the new year.

And you are always invited to download the meditation at:
Please join us on Monday at 1 p.m. at Synergy in Napa to Vision together for a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Joyful new year.