Self-Care For Challenging Times

How are you faring through these extraordinary times?

As you know I’m all about healthy Visioning practice and I suggest that we practice focusing on and give thanks for our healthy bodies every day, rather than all of the negative news and virus cell images.

I thought I’d share some of the things that are sustaining me these days as we continue our protecting and adapting measures to contain the epidemic. Take what you like and leave the rest (or share with family and friends that are struggling with the sustained circumstances):

Daily spiritual practice – (whatever that is for you…) – Meditation, Chanting, Yoga, Qi Gong, Journaling, Pilates, Dance, Art, Crafts, Knitting. Always helpful to practice at the same time every day, to solidify healthy habits and to calm and relax body and mind.

Minimize watching and listening to the news – especially before bedtime. Stay informed in any way that feels necessary to you. Think about filling your consciousness with hope, beauty, fun, loved ones, pets, games, music.

Plan, shop on-line, cook and enjoy nourishing meals – Do your best to eat real food, drink lots of warm juicy water all day long (iced drinks chill your digestive system) and go light on alcohol and sweets.

Music videos & concerts – I am most heartened, nourished and filled with joy by enjoying so many of the wonderful concerts that are being posted by musicians all over the world.

Get quality sleep – Go to bed at the same time every night, get up at the same time every morning. Unplug from all media an hour before bedtime, including TV. practice progressive relaxation – breathing into your body from head to toes or toes to head – until you feel calm and ready for sleep.

Tapping (EFT) Practice – A bit of tapping every day to stay calm or any time you need to acknowledge and release uncertainty, anxiety, stress and overwhelm. My latest tapping fun has centered around conversations with my body for clarity and guidance.

Washing Hands & Physical Distancing – Please, please continue to be mindful to protect your family, friends and neighbors. I know this can be a drag and it’s working to contain and reduce the epidemic. Truly.

Gentle Re-entry into the World – At some point we will be back out in the world and resuming our shopping, schooling, working and socializing. Please continue to be mindful as we begin to move back into the world together.

May we all continue to stay centered, calm,healthy and connected to one another.