It is not at all an easy thing to draw a person into meditation without making it into a task to be avoided or endured.  Becca Pronchick has shown it to be utterly simple – as it is – as being is when we accept it.  We receive meditation from her as a source of pleasure, confidence, and well-being.” Julie Henderson, Ph.D., Sanjoy Khandro

“For the past few months, I have been practicing EFT and Meditation with Becca on a weekly basis. I now have the skills to practice tapping on my own. It has been so helpful to keep my mind, body, and spirit balanced. Becca is a truly gifted teacher!” Carol McCormick

“I am very new to EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), and am awed by its power. Recently I arrived at Becca’s EFT class with a bad headache and I asked her if we could try an EFT technique to relieve the pain. After just five minutes of guided tapping, my headache was gone! Becca is a wonderful teacher who generously shares her wisdom, honesty, and humor. I am deeply appreciative of her and what I am learning in her EFT classes.” Heidi Hamler