Tapping Into Ancestral Healing

Tapping Into Ancestral Healing with Jacqui Crooks
Visioning Guided Meditation with Becca Pronchick

Saturday, August 5, 2023 on Zoom
9 am – 1 pm PDT (5 pm – 9 pm GMT+1)

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Jacqui is an EFT Founding Master, inspirational speaker, author and trainer who inspires individuals to achieve their potential, to discover what they really want and to go for it, releasing all the limiting beliefs and strategies that are holding them back.

In this workshop Jacqui will guide us in clearing all the limiting, outdated beliefs that you’ve inherited. All the survival strategies that were created by people who were living a very different life. When you’re not carrying all the “stuff” that isn’t yours, it’s so much easier to see and clear it – and that’s where freedom lies. Freedom to be yourself, to make decisions that light you up, that bring you joy, that make the flow of life easier, that make manifesting your desires simpler.

Please join us for a transformative gathering of Ancestral Healing, Guided Meditation and Joy!

So much more powerful and fun to learn and practice in a group!

Register for only $97 per person ($87 Sacred Circle Members)