Tap Into Your Healing Power in 2023!

An 8 week class on Zoom with Becca Pronchick,

CPCC, Pro-EFT Master Trainer

Based on her book “Tap Into Your Healing Power”

available here on this website.

Thursdays January 12 – March 9, 2023

$147 per person ($127 per person for members)

(we’ll choose the best time of day together…)

You will enjoy:

* Introduction to Meditation/Tapping

* The Basic Recipe for Tapping

* Tapping for Physical Healing

* Tapping for Emotional Healing

* Try it on Everything!

Abundance, Relationships, Communication, Procrastination, Tapping for Others

* Going Deeper with EFT

Releasing the Past, Food Cravings, Critical Voice, Decision Making with Ease, Matrix Reimprinting

* Self-Care & Healthy Boundaries

Space is limited to 8 participants

Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT tapping is a powerful healing practice designed to assist you with pain and stress relief, emotional healing for anxiety, grief, sadness, frustration, depression and so much more!

So much more powerful and fun to learn & practice in a group!