Is my pain physical or emotional or both?

Is my pain physical or emotional or both? As you continue down the path of practicing Meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping to support you with your health and well being, you may have already enjoyed the amazing benefits of pain relief with this practice. Thank goodness for EFT!  It’s simply magic. If you have yet to try tapping or have yet to truly integrate it into your self-care, now is the time to begin. Pain relief is one of the simplest and most effective applications for EFT. When I first learned tapping, it was for relief of really nasty chronic back pain.  I tapped every day for two weeks and the pain was gone!  Really. It’s never come back, except briefly last summer, … continue reading

A True Story of Forgiveness

A True Story of Forgiveness When I was 17, my best friend stole my boyfriend.  Yes, it’s true! I have been listening to the Tapping World Summit all week and during one session, I focused on healing a current relationship with a dear friend. When I asked, as we are encouraged to do, when I’ve felt this hurt in the past, I zoomed back in the space of awareness to being 17 years old. I was a senior in high school, having a wonderful time.  I loved school, I was dating a terrific guy – we’ll call him Mike.  My best friend – we’ll call her Jane – and I would go often to Huntington Beach and life was good. Then, suddenly I wasn’t hearing … continue reading